Io Global Services Private Limited (IOG) is one of the leading Internet Services and information communication technology (ICT) solutions providers in Afghanistan. We have committed ourselves to enhance the customer experience across Industry verticals and consumers.

IoG exists to serve those in need of Internet, connectivity and technology services. We, basically, are taking an “Internet for All” approach. This is particularly important in an increasingly digitally connected world where access to the Internet is declared a “human right”. Therefore, we work 24/7/365 to serve both the corporate and consumer segments by delivering cutting-edge fixed and wireless telecommunications and Internet services and solutions. IoG’s comprehensive portfolio of solutions for the residential, business and government segments in Afghanistan includes all Internet protocol (IP) fixed and wireless, home Internet networks and multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) based data solutions for both Domestic Private Leased Circuit (DPLC) and international private leased circuit (IPLC) connectivity.

IoG’s expansion and connectivity goals are in line with those of the Government of Afghanistan and the goals of Afghanistan Telecom Regulatory Authority (ATRA) by enabling everyone to connect to high-speed broadband connectivity at affordable prices. Considering our capabilities and 15+ year so services excellence in the country , we further ensure this through the delivery of technology based products and solutions.

ioGlobal is proud of its 15+ years legacy; connecting people of Afghanistan with the rest of the world through its internet services portfolio . With an ongoing commitment to increase the last-mile Internet connectivity and footprint, IoGlobal is playing a vital role in the country’s social and economic development.


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Alliance and partnership with our partners is the key to our mutual success e partner with Technology leaders – from large enterprises to innovative start-ups – in order to provide optimal solutions based on cutting-edge technologies. ioGlobal’s partners include National and International Technology and solutions provider including but not limited to:



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In 15+ years of services in Afghanistan we touched people’s lives and we continue doing so. We connected Afghanistan’s leading 1000+ corporates including, but not, limited to government entities, foriegn missions, donors, NGO’s, the United Nations agencies and enterprises. We also connect large number of consumer and home users with high speed internet.


ioGlobal has large array of Field Engineers / RF Engineers and Support Staff and international consultants

The Team IoGlobal is a highly accomplished group of technical and business leaders. Our team is comprised of men and women who have distinguished themselves in key industry domain including but not limited to: Technology, innovation, Business Development, Sales and marketing, corporate governance, finance, and government service. We bring a team of over 70 members, who run the overall network operations, maintenance, support, helpdesk, CRM activities in the company. The Team IoGlobal reviews technical projects for enhancements and integration opportunities, mentors technical staff, and suggests potential opportunities for the company and its partners and customers.

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